domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

I'd like you better, before you were naked on the internet- Fron First to last

It's amazing what youll find when you just open your eyes

sometimes love can leave you blind
but still you try to cover all the lies and ignore all the signs
sometimes love can leave you blind

what I thought was a certainty has left me spinning in circles again
Comparing to the last time that we had spoke it seems to
me that you're not happy like you used to be
to you I'm like a flavor that wouldn't last you took one bite
than spat me out real fast
and now this mark remains and will  never ever go away

Muy buena canción, algo triste, pero a mi me gusta. 
Disculpen, no tengo ganas de escribir, los oidos no me dejan vivir.  

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